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Andrew Jack, Dialect Coach

ANDREW JACK is a leading dialect coach in Britain and the USA, with the advantage of both  teaching and  performing backgrounds.  The combination of these skills creates in him an exceptional understanding of the performers' needs.  He helped turn Robert Downey Jr into Charlie Chaplin in Richard Attenborough's Chaplin; in GoldenEye he taught Irishman Pierce Brosnan to perfect his British accent for James Bond, and taught the rest of the cast to speak with Russian accents; for The Lord of the Rings Andrew created the Middle-earth accents and taught them, along with Elvish and Black Speech, to the entire cast of the trilogy.  He designed and taught the accents for the Greeks and Trojans in Troy

He is well known for helping non-British actors to be more intelligible to the audience.  Andrew's talents are in demand on the West Coast, in the West End and all over the World.

Jersey Boys Dialect Coach Andrew Jack

Andrew has also implemented technology for Discreet Ear Prompting  (DEP).

This Official Home Page provides his complete professional C.V. online.  In addition, we have provided photos, anecdotes,  a glossary, and other information of general interest to the movie-going public about the many films, television shows, plays, and performers with whom Andrew has worked.

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Take A Tour of the British Isles in Accents with Andrew Jack for the BBC, now over 1.4 million views on You Tube